Useful stuff hosted here

Feel free to contact Michalis Kamburelis if you want shell user, or www space, or SVN repo (public or private), or mysql db, or moinmoin wiki, or just about anything else on this server. Service available to anyone related with or Michalis :)

Server configuration notes

Every shell user automatically also gets:

  1. A place for WWW files: just place your files within ~/public_html/, and they will be visible under as well as (secure https).

    Permissions notes: for privacy, the default permissions prevent everyone, even Apache (user and group www-data), from reading the files in your home directory. To make ~/public_html/ work, you have to explicitly make it world-readable. Usually what you need to do are these 2 simple commands:

    chmod    o+rX ~
    chmod -R o+rX ~/public_html/

    If you use PHP scripts that write some files, you will also need to make these files (and their containing directories) world-writeable.

    Alternatively, Michalis can add you to the group www-data and then you can change the group owner of your files to www-data, and make them readable (and, if necessary, writeable) by www-data (no need to make them readable/writeable by everyone). Like this:

    chmod    g+rX ~
    chmod -R g+rX ~/public_html/
    chgrp    www-data
    chgrp -R www-data ~/public_html/

    This alternative approach only offers additional security from shell users unable to run PHP inside their ~/public_html/ (for now, this means kl* users). We cannot offer you security from other shell users that can use PHP in ~/public_html/ (because such users can always execute PHP scripts to do anything for them, including reading other people's ~/public_html/; in short: if you can use PHP in ~/public_html/, then you effectively haev a way to "sudo" as www-data).

  2. Each account is also automatically an email account (, as usual on Unix servers. Yes, smtp works, so you can send and receive mails on this address. Although no pop3 is configured, so you just have to login to check your emails (or you can set ~/.forward to forward mails to your other account.) Go to for a real email account associated with our ii :)

Other server notes: