view3dscene snapshots

These are view3dscene binaries recompiled automatically after every source code change. Use them at your own risk, and please report any bugs.

View3dscene is a 3D model viewer, in particular great as a browser for X3D and VRML models, but also suitable to view glTF, Collada, 3DS, MD3, Wavefront OBJ, Spine JSON and other model formats supported by Castle Game Engine.

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macosx/2019-07-22 00:19 -  
view3dscene-3.19.0-win32-i386.zip2020-10-01 09:01 5.0MLatest Windows version (32-bit, works on 64-bit too)
view3dscene-3.19.0-win64-x86_64.zip2020-10-01 09:01 6.1MLatest Windows version (64-bit)
view3dscene-3.19.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz2020-10-01 09:01 6.8MLatest Linux version (64-bit)
view3dscene-3.19.0-src.tar.gz2020-10-01 09:01 9.9MLatest Source Code (requires also Castle Game Engine source code to compile)