Helping in the engine development

1. For everyone

2. For developers

3. For 3D artists

If you use Castle Game Engine or our tools (like view3dscene) to view or play anything (a game, or just your 3D or 2D assets):

  • Show it on our Discord or forum by sharing a screenshot. Michalis loves to see how his work is useful for others :)

  • Contribute models to our demo models.

  • Look into improving our documentation. Our scene graph (X3D) documentation is large, and wants to be larger. Contributions describing how something works, or how to do something practical, are welcome.

    You can add your contributions directly to our wiki. (Once we'll get some user content in our wiki, we'll think how to make it more visible.)

  • Test the view3dscene snapshots. These are build automatically after every commit to GitHub. You can test them and catch eventual bugs before the release. This way you can also preview new features before they are released.

    Bugs can be reported on the forum or in the issues tracker.

4. For Blender users

If you make free software / open-source game, you have probably already chosen Blender as your main 3D modeller. We can export from Blender to X3D or castle-anim-frames (which is internally a sequence of X3D models). It would be great to improve Blender -> X3D exporter:

  • Support animations. Right now we support animations using castle-anim-frames, but a direct support inside X3D exporter would be more efficient.

    At least exporting animation of transformations (translation, rotation, scale of objects) would already be very useful. Exporting mesh deformation (from shape keys, or derived from bone animation) would be great. Exporting skinned mesh animation (as mesh deformation, or using X3D H-Anim nodes) would be great.

  • Configuring collisions (using X3D Collision node). As explained in the manual about "optimization", it's often useful to configure what collides and how.

  • Export 3D sound sources from Blender.

We have our own fork of the Blender X3D exporter, which can be used to distribute our improvements to CGE users. But preferably, changes should be submitted and applied to the Blender sources as well.

5. For Linux package maintainers

Please package view3dscene for your favourite Linux distribution :) It's a great and stable VRML/X3D browser (and viewer for other 3D models, like Collada and 3DS). Some facts in favor of view3dscene, important for package maintainers:

  • Stable program, with long development history and regular releases.
  • Desktop integration files (SVG icon, .desktop file, MIME xml) are already included in our archive.
  • The dependencies of view3dscene are documented. There's nothing weird there (ffmpeg and ImageMagick are only light suggestions; OpenAL may also be a suggestion instead of a recommendation; the rest is standard for any GTK program using OpenGL).
  • Build-dependencies of view3dscene include Free Pascal Compiler, but this should not be a problem — all major distros already have fpc packaged.
  • Sources of view3dscene are here, get both view3dscene and engine sources, and follow instructions on that page to compile.
  • The whole thing is GPL >= 2 (most of the engine may also be used under more permissive "LGPL with static-linking exception" >= 2, but this probably doesn't matter for you).

Michalis uses Debian, and sometimes Ubuntu, and would love to see his software available in all Linux repositories :)