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Automatic Cloud Builds
for Castle Game Engine projects

This server does automatic builds of Castle Game Engine projects (and some other Pascal projects too!).

If you would like to see your project listed here: please support us on Patreon. We have a reward on Patreon that gives you access to this server! Alternatively, for public open-source projects, the service is completely free, no strings attached — just contact me and I'll set you up!


  • We can automatically rebuild and package your game when you make a commit to SVN or GIT repository. You also get a web access to trigger the build now.

  • We have a ready FPC/Lazarus build environment for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Linux 32-bit and Android. The FPC versions can be switched (during each build) between various versions supported by CGE (like 3.0.0, 3.0.2, fresh 3.1.1). So you can check whether your software compiles with all FPC versions that matter to you.

  • The builds can use Castle Game Engine latest stable release, or (your choice) Castle Game Engine bleeding-edge version from GitHub. In the latter case, each commit to CGE will also cause a rebuild of your project, so you always stay current.

  • The builds can be done using CGE build tool, or your custom shell scripts. In any case, I will help you set everything up, so don't fear!:)

  • Build packages can be available publicly (through http/https link, for everyone to download) or not, as you wish. So you can use this to provide "snapshots" to your users.

  • You can browse the build history of your projects, see which commits failed/succeeded to compile, download the packages from each build (latest build, or a historic one), see compilation logs and more. You can also get automatic email notification when a build fails.

  • We can also automatically run tests of your game (e.g. you can use FpcUnit testing framework, built in FPC).

  • We can also automatically generate API docs of your code (using FpDoc or PasDoc), and upload them somewhere (or just host them here).

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